Ridge Penny Board review

As I have written on the home page, I recommend a Penny Board by Ridge to those who want to get a cheap Penny Board. For beginners who only want to try riding a Penny Board, I advise to resort to the cheaper alternative. You really should give driving Penny board a try, it’s fun! ;-)


For this purpose, first a little about the brand Ridge. Ridge Skateboards is a fast growing skateboard brand from England which was originally founded as a small family business. Their goal was offering a good Mini Cruiser (like Penny Boards) for little money and it worked out. The brand is known throughout the world and receives a very good response from its customers. The brand is reputable and provides only high quality products for fair prices.


The quality is – like many customers on the Internet confirm – very good, just (almost) as good as the quality of Penny Australia. They have retained their mentality of good quality for little money to date. The 22-inch Penny Board from Ridge is called “Retro Cruiser” and the larger 27-inch board is called “Large Cruiser Retro“. These boards are identical in each of its dimensions as the original by Penny Australia. I have compared the boards of both brands for my own and could not notice any difference (except for the brand logo). Both brands offer a very high quality and their boards are great to ride. Only the Boards of Ridge are much cheaper..


The smaller 22″ Penny Board of Ridge starts at only $60 and the larger 27″ Nickel even just at $63! Compared to Penny Australia this is really cheap! Penny Australia Penny Boards cost at least $80 and the 27″ Nickel starts at about $95! That’s a huge difference. The Ridge 27″ board costs only one third of the price of the original Penny Australia Boards. With (almost) the same quality! I have to write “(almost) equally well” because Penny Australia offers arguably the best quality, but in practise the Boards of Ridge can keep up without deductions. They wear the same speed (both wear out slowly – Penny boards keep forever!) and both Boards go just as easily and smoothly!

Buy your cheap Penny Board

You’ll get a great cruiser for little money, so I really recommend to anyone who needn’t to have an original Penny Australia, a Penny Board by Ridge. Their Boards go nicely and last forever, also. For the (few) dollars you won’t get a better Penny Board! By the way, a Penny Board is a great gift idea as birthday present or for Christmas.