Penny Board comparison

You want to buy you a Penny Board but you don’t know which one to choose? This comparison will help you with your decision!

1. Which size

First you need to be clear about the size. You may choose between the Penny Board 22″ in length and Penny Nickel Board 27″ in length. The 22″ ist the classic Penny Board and the 27″ ist called Nickel Board. The Nickel Board is 5″ longer and about 1.5″ wider than the classic Penny Board 22″. This makes it more stable when driving and easier to direct. However, it is a little bigger and heavier than the smaller one, but it’s neither better nor worse, both are excellent cruiser skateboards! It is a different way of riding, I personally ride the smaller classic Penny Board, with the advantage of a being more portable. With its less weight and smaller dimensions, it is easier to take it along and can be even stowed in a backpack. But the 27″Nickel Boards are very small and handy, too! In addition, the Penny Board 22″ is cheaper than the 27″ Nickel Board. In my article “Penny board 22 or 27 inches?” you will find a detailed guide about the differences between the two sizes.

2. Which brand

If you’ve chosen a size, then it comes to the choice of the Penny Board manufacturer. Does it have to be the original Penny Australia which probably offers the best quality, is a well-known brand, or is a board from a third party manufacturer where the quality is (almost) equally well, but the brand is not as well-known, in order?

I personally ride a Ridge Penny Board 22“ for about $60 and have compared it with the original Penny Australia Penny Board 22“ and could’t see no real difference in either the processing, even in driving behavior. Therefore, I recommend to all those who lay not so much value to the brand and want to have the most favorable board, either the 22″ “Retro Cruiser” or the 27″ “Large Retro Cruiser” of the brand Ridge, which are both very good cruiser skateboards. There you get for round $60 the smaller one or for about $63 the larger board, which both can keep up with the more expensive boards of Penny Australia! In the article “Which brands are good?” you’ll find a detailed guide about the brands I may recommend.

If you want to spend the less money possible and still get a decent Penny Board, you should take a look at the Penny Boards of EightBit. Starting at only $33.99 these boards are incredibly cheap. But they are still well-made und go nearly as nicely as the more expensive Penny Boards.

3. Purchase decision

For those who want to have the original Penny Australia Penny Board 22″ or 27″ Nickel Board, it‘s still important to note that the manufacturer offers many different styles, which may have different prices! The Penny Boards 22″ starts at $80 and the 27″ Nickel Board at about $95. The cheaper Penny Boards from Ridge are only available in different colors, but no special desings like the Boards of Penny Australia. However, the cruiser skateboards of both brands are really well. I recommend buying it on, because they have like really cheap prices.