Penny Board

penny board

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The classic Penny Boards are produced by the brand Penny Australia and are available in two sizes as Penny Board 22″ and  27″ Penny Nickel Board. These boards are plastic skateboards made of high quality plastic decks, small, agile axes with soft bushings, good bearings and large wheels. It makes them perfect cruiser skateboards and by their small size, they are very handy and perfect to take with one.

Small and portable

Especially the smaller Penny Board 22″ fits into backpacks or can be readily carryied around as it is light and not as bulky as e.g. a longboard. However, you can ride longer distances with both Penny Boards without strain and with a decent speed. So you can use the Penny Board as an alternative to the bike, it’s much more fun and you may take along the Penny Board in shops, bus or train.


The original Penny Australia Penny Board 22 inch starts at about $80 on, while depending on the design variant, it even may cost more than $100. The larger “brother” Penny Nickel Board 27 inch, starts at about $95. The Penny Nickel Board is 5 inch longer and 1.5 inch wider than the classic Penny Board 22″. The main difference lies in the stability. While the larger Penny Nickel Board provides better stability when driving, the little brother is better to carry with. However, both boards are small and portable and therefore good to take along and both boards are excellent cruiser skateboards! More details about the two sizes you will learn at the guide “Penny Board 22 or 27 inches?“.

Alternative manufacturers

In addition to Penny Australia there are many other providers who are selling Penny Boards under different names, for example: “Retro Cruiser”. These cruiser skateboards are usually much cheaper than the original. However, third-party boards are therefore not necessarily bad, some really cheap Penny Boards far below $40 are not recommended. The Penny Boards of the brand Ridge are (almost) as good as those by Penny Australia, but cost with $60 only one third of the price of the original by Penny Australia! Therefore, these cruiser boards are great for beginners and people who don’t want to spend that much money on their Penny Board. Those who place little value on the brand, but rather on value, should take a look at the Ridge “Large Retro Cruiser”. There you’ll get a 27” Penny Nickel Board for only $63! If you want more information about the different brands, take a look at the guide “Which brands are good?“.


22 inch Penny Board vs. Skateboard

Well-made and cheap?

If you are looking for a well-made but cheap board, then you really should take a look at the cruiser skateboards of the brand Ridge. These boards are available for almost the half price compared to the Penny Boards from Penny Australia, but are at least equally well made. I was able to compare the Penny Boards of these two brands and couldn’t see any difference except for the brand logo. I may recommend these boards without restrictions. I have been skateboarding for about 5 years and I am usually against cheap skateboards, but for a Penny Boards, I would prefer a Ridge Penny Board to the cruiser skateboards of Penny Australia, because of the (unfounded) huge price difference. I have written a detailed guide “Ridge Penny Board review“.

If you want your Penny Board even cheaper you should take a look at the Penny Boards of EightBit. Starting at only $33.99 they are the cheapest Penny Boards still being well-made. I have written a detailed guide “EightBit Penny Board review“, also.

Design and optics

The only disadvantage of the Ridge Penny Boards is that there are no extraordinary designs, but only the color of the deck and the color of the rollers can be selected individually. Penny Australia, however, offers a lot of fancy designs and color combinations. Those who place a high value on design get on Penny Australia offered a lot anyway. However, those who, like me, put more emphasis on technology as the design, are well advised with Ridge. Although I have to say that the Penny boards by Penny Australia aren’t bad! They are very high quality and really nice from the optic. Only the value for money is in my opinion not as good compared to Ridge.


The Penny Boards have compared to normal skateboards no grip tape (the sandpaper on the board). You are standing on the plastic cover of the cruiser skateboard. It still has a good grip and can be used without restrictions very well. However, if you prefer to have a grip tape on your Penny Board, you’ll find various grip tapes each for the Penny board 22″ as well as the 27″ Penny Nickel.

Closing Remarks

Anyone can ride a Penny Board! You’ll learn it really fast, it’s fun and you may travel longer distances by Penny Board if you want. I ride my Penny Board very much and I will take it with me on the next holiday, so I’ll be mobile there too without having to rent a bike or a car. Even at around $60 you’ll get a great Penny Board by Ridge. A bicycle costs about 10 times as much, think about it! Just take a look at the various Penny Boards.